Since 1993

Modern methods.  Traditional values.

Like cursive penmanship, typewriters, public telephones, and an accurate free-throw shooter, finding a partner who adheres to quality communication standards is difficult these days. Instant messaging and texting abbreviations have replaced letter writing and accurate punctuation.

That's where Lost Art comes in.

We embrace modern communication methods, and we do so while adhering to the old school values of Quality, Detail, Customer  Service, and Results.

Together, let's revive the Lost Art.

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Marketing & Promotions

Our team can take your existing brand, products, or services, and develop results-driven marketing plans to promote your organization, increase sales, enhance ridership, increase social media impacts -- whatever your goals are for return on marketing investment.

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Social Media Management

Lost Art Communications applies traditional marketing and communications values to the latest social media methods to accomplish your goals for cost-effective promotions, contests, and dissemination of important information and events.

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Branding & Public Relations

Need a new brand or an updated identity?  Lost Art Communications can partner with you to develop the brand you need, design impactful logos and taglines, and draft copy that wins over new customers.  We regularly work with local, regional and national media to gain exposure for your brand and organization.

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Are you ready to revive the "Lost Art" of Communication?

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